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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity UIM Sample Web Service Guide
Release 7.1

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2 Opening the Cartridge Files in Design Studio

This chapter provides information about downloading and opening the Network Integrity Unified Inventory Management (UIM) Sample Web Service files in Design Studio. When you have opened the files, you can review and extend them.

See UIM Developer's Guide for information about Web Services.

Opening the Cartridge Files in Studio

You can download a ZIP file that contains the individual Design Studio files. You can open these files in Design Studio to review and extend the project.

To review and extend a cartridge, you must first download the Oracle Communications media pack from the Oracle software delivery Web site:

The following media packs are available:


These are Java projects that can be loaded into Eclipse and that contain identical software. These folders are duplicated depending on which Network Integrity software cartridges you want to use.

You can find the WSDL and schema files within the two Java projects.

The WSDL and schemas are located in the following paths: