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Linker and Libraries Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to the Oracle Solaris Link Editors

2.  Link-Editor

3.  Runtime Linker

4.  Shared Objects

5.  Application Binary Interfaces and Versioning

6.  Support Interfaces

7.  Object File Format

File Format

Data Representation

ELF Header

ELF Identification

Data Encoding


Section Merging

Special Sections

COMDAT Section

Group Section

Capabilities Section

Hash Table Section

Move Section

Note Section

Relocation Sections

Relocation Types (Processor-Specific)

SPARC: Relocation Types

64-bit SPARC: Relocation Types

32-bit x86: Relocation Types

x64: Relocation Types

String Table Section

Symbol Table Section

Symbol Values

Symbol Table Layout and Conventions

Symbol Sort Sections

Register Symbols

Syminfo Table Section

Versioning Sections

Version Definition Section

Version Dependency Section

Version Symbol Section

Dynamic Linking

Program Header

Base Address

Segment Permissions

Segment Contents

Program Loading (Processor-Specific)

Program Interpreter

Runtime Linker

Dynamic Section

Global Offset Table (Processor-Specific)

Procedure Linkage Table (Processor-Specific)

32-bit SPARC: Procedure Linkage Table

64-bit SPARC: Procedure Linkage Table

32-bit x86: Procedure Linkage Table

x64: Procedure Linkage Table

8.  Thread-Local Storage

9.  Mapfiles

A.  Link-Editor Quick Reference

B.  Versioning Quick Reference

C.  Establishing Dependencies with Dynamic String Tokens

D.  Direct Bindings

E.  System V Release 4 (Version 1) Mapfiles

F.  Linker and Libraries Updates and New Features


Chapter 7

Object File Format

This chapter describes the executable and linking format (ELF) of the object files produced by the assembler and link-editor. Three significant types of object file exist.

The first section in this chapter, File Format, focuses on the format of object files and how the format pertains to creating programs. The second section, Dynamic Linking, focuses on how the format pertains to loading programs.

Programs can manipulate object files with the functions that are provided by the ELF access library, libelf. Refer to elf(3ELF) for a description of libelf contents. Sample source code that uses libelf is provided in the SUNWosdem package under the /usr/demo/ELF directory.