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Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Trusted Extensions Administration Concepts

2.  Trusted Extensions Administration Tools

3.  Getting Started as a Trusted Extensions Administrator (Tasks)

4.  Security Requirements on a Trusted Extensions System (Overview)

5.  Administering Security Requirements in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

6.  Users, Rights, and Roles in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

7.  Managing Users, Rights, and Roles in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

8.  Remote Administration in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

9.  Trusted Extensions and LDAP (Overview)

10.  Managing Zones in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

11.  Managing and Mounting Files in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

12.  Trusted Networking (Overview)

13.  Managing Networks in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

Managing the Trusted Network (Task Map)

Configuring Trusted Network Databases (Task Map)

How to Determine If You Need Site-Specific Security Templates

How to Open the Trusted Networking Tools

How to Construct a Remote Host Template

How to Add Hosts to the System's Known Network

How to Assign a Security Template to a Host or a Group of Hosts

How to Limit the Hosts That Can Be Contacted on the Trusted Network

Configuring Routes and Checking Network Information in Trusted Extensions (Task Map)

How to Configure Routes With Security Attributes

How to Check the Syntax of Trusted Network Databases

How to Compare Trusted Network Database Information With the Kernel Cache

How to Synchronize the Kernel Cache With Trusted Network Databases

Troubleshooting the Trusted Network (Task Map)

How to Verify That a Host's Interfaces Are Up

How to Debug the Trusted Extensions Network

How to Debug a Client Connection to the LDAP Server

14.  Multilevel Mail in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

15.  Managing Labeled Printing (Tasks)

16.  Devices in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

17.  Managing Devices for Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

18.  Trusted Extensions Auditing (Overview)

19.  Software Management in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

A.  Quick Reference to Trusted Extensions Administration

B.  List of Trusted Extensions Man Pages


Chapter 13

Managing Networks in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

This chapter provides implementation details and procedures for securing a Trusted Extensions network.