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Trusted Extensions Configuration Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Security Planning for Trusted Extensions

2.  Configuration Roadmap for Trusted Extensions

3.  Adding Trusted Extensions Software to the Oracle Solaris OS (Tasks)

4.  Configuring Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

5.  Configuring LDAP for Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

6.  Configuring a Headless System With Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

Headless System Configuration in Trusted Extensions (Task Map)

Enable Remote Login by root User in Trusted Extensions

Enable Remote Login by a Role in Trusted Extensions

Enable Remote Login From an Unlabeled System

Use a Remote Solaris Management Console to Administer in the Files Scope

Enable the Remote Display of Administrative GUIs

Use the rlogin or ssh Command to Log In and Administer a Headless System in Trusted Extensions

A.  Site Security Policy

B.  Using CDE Actions to Install Zones in Trusted Extensions

C.  Configuration Checklist for Trusted Extensions



Chapter 6

Configuring a Headless System With Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

Configuring and administering Trusted Extensions software on headless systems such as the Netra series requires modifying security settings on the headless system to enable remote access. Administering a remote Trusted Extensions system requires similar setup. To run an administrative GUI, you might need to run the process on the remote system and display the GUI on the desktop system.

For an explanation of the requirements, see Chapter 8, Remote Administration in Trusted Extensions (Tasks), in Trusted Extensions Administrator’s Procedures

Note - The configuration methods that headless and remote systems require do not satisfy the criteria for an evaluated configuration. For more information, see Understanding Your Site's Security Policy.