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Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Release Notes     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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Document Information


1.  License Updates

2.  Installation Issues

3.  Oracle Solaris Runtime Issues

General Information

The rstchown Parameter is Obsolete

Recommended Adoption of SHA-256 and SHA-512 crypt Plug-ins for Password Encryption

Common Desktop Environment

Trusted Stripe Disappears From the Screen After a Resolution Change (6460624)

x86: kdmconfig Command Does Not Create System Identification Configuration File for Xorg X Server (6217442)

File Systems

ZFS Dynamic LUN Expansion Restriction (6241086)

The config/local_only Property in sendmail Must Not Be Set to true (6970172)

x86: ata Driver Timeouts During Boot (6586621)

zoneadm install Command Fails With a ZFS Legacy Mount (6449301)

ZFS and UNIX/POSIX Compliance Issues

fdisk -E Command Can Sweep Disk Used by ZFS Without Warning (6412771)

BrightStor ARCserve Backup Client Agent for UNIX (Solaris) and ZFS Support Issue

ZFS GUI Should Check for /usr/lib/embedded_su Patch at the Beginning of Each Wizard (6326334)

Failure to Synchronize File System on Panic (6250422)

Upgrading From Some Oracle Solaris 10 Releases Requires Remounting of File Systems

NFSv4 Access Control List Functions Might Work Incorrectly

System Crash Dump Fails on Devices Greater Than 1 TByte in Size (6214480)

Hardware-Related Issues and Bugs

SPARC: System Might Hang if the Elastic Policy is Set (6989192)

System Panic Might Occur During DR operations for Crypto (7048323)

SPARC: Disk Warning Is Displayed When Booting the Oracle Solaris OS (7047435)

SPARC: Dynamic Reconfiguration Operations Fail on an OPL Platform (7060498)

x86: System Shuts Down If ata Disks or Controllers Are Replaced on a Running Machine (7059880)

SPARC: System Panic Might Occur When Executing Bulk Crypto Operations on sun4v T3 Machines (7041435)

Message Signaled Interrupt (MSI-X) Cannot Be Retargeted When the apix Module Is Loaded (7058060)

SPARC: Issuing XIR on Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 OS Causes a Failure to complete trap processing Error (6962156)

x64: PCI Subsystem ID Changes in ConnectX Firmware 2.6.0 From Mellanox (6810093)

The ZFS ARC Allocates Memory Inside the Kernel Cage Preventing DR (6522017)

mpathadm Command Does Not Display Load-Balance Setting Specific to Device

Registration Tool Prevents Power Management on Some Frame Buffers (6321362)

Certain USB 2.0 Controllers Are Disabled

Supported USB Devices and Corresponding Hub Configurations

x86: Limitations Exist With Certain Device Drivers in the Oracle Solaris 10 OS

DVD-ROM/CD-ROM Drives on Headless Systems

x86: Manual Configuration Required to Specify Non-U.S. English Keyboards

Contention Exists Between Certain Devices That Share the Same Bus (6196994)

Some DVD-ROM and CD-ROM Drives Fail to Boot the Oracle Solaris 10 OS (4397457)

Compiler-Related Issues

SPARC: Copy Relocation Does Not Work (7083331)

Localization Issues

Swedish Software Translations Note

Multiple Input Method Switcher Applications Appear in Trusted Java Desktop System

Wnn8 Japanese Input Method

New ChuYin Input Method Not Supported in Upgrade to IIIMF rev.12 (6492129)

AltGr Key Does Not Work As a Mode Switcher in Some Russian Locales (6487712)

x86: Arabic Text Not Appearing in ar Locales

Several Arabic Fonts Do Not Work in GNOME Desktop (6384024)

Unable to Switch Input Language on Session-Saved Applications (6360759)

Migration Note for UTF-8 Locales

Emails Saved as Portable Format

Plain Text Files

File Names and Directory Names

Launching Legacy Locale Applications

Hardware for Some Keyboard Layouts Type 6 and 7 Not Available

Networking Issues

BIND 9.6 Denies Recursion To Non-Local Networks (7046009)

Configuring Tunnels With the Same Source Address (4152864)

System Domain of Interpretation Is Not Configurable (6314248)

IP Forwarding Disabled by Default in the Oracle Solaris 10 OS

Oracle Solaris Commands and Standards

SPARC: Incorrect Results Are Displayed for the cpustat Command on a T4 1.2 Chip

winbind Command Fetches Only the First 1000 Active Directory Users

Changed Man Pages for Trusted Extensions Are in Reference Manual Only

Bash 3.00 No Longer Sets Some Environment Variables

New ln Utility Requires -f Option

New tcsh Version Rejects setenv Variable Names That Use a Dash or an Equal Sign

STDIO getc Family EOF Condition Behavior Change

Output Columns of the ps Command Have Been Widened

Solaris Volume Manager Bugs

Solaris Volume Manager Does Not Remove Devices Correctly If fdisk Does Not Have Valid Entries

Solaris Volume Manager metattach Command Might Fail

Java Desktop System Issues

Email and Calendar Application

Problem With Changing Authentication Type (6246543)

Login Issues

Login Error Message

Help System

Wrong Help Window Opened For Volume Control (6253210)

System-Level Issues

User Preferences Not Fully Compatible

Problem With Sound Recorder

Nautilus ACL MASK Is Not Synchronized With Group Permissions (6464485)

strftime(3c) Should Support GNU Extension in %-m and %-d (6448815)

x86: Cannot Configure Full-Screen Magnification on Systems With One Video Card

Certain View Options Might Cause File Manager to Fail (6233643)

System Administration

Package Database Contains Path Names That Do Not Exist (7054481)

SPARC: 64-bit Version of the libsoftcrypto Library Is Slow (7048794)

patchrm Command Is Not Supported After Applying Patch 144500/144501 (7033240)

lucreate Introduces Latency on Slower UFS Systems (7051757)

The Availability Suite Module sdbc Fails to Load During Boot (6952222)

Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 Clock Stops on Oracle VM 2.2 (6952499)

SPARC: FKU 137137-xx Patch Does Not Support Third-Party Volume Manager Software

Oracle Solaris Is Unable to Handle Mode Switches Between Legacy and AHCI Modes for the SATA Controller (6520224)

32-bit: Possible Error With Applications When Obtaining the File System State on Large File Systems (6468905)

Using the patchadd Command With the -R Option to Specify an Alternative Root Path From Systems That Are Not Zones Aware Should Be Restricted (6464969)

Sun Patch Manager Tool 2.0 Incompatible With Previous Versions of the Tool

Cannot Delete Existing Diskless Clients From the System (6205746)

SPARC: smosservice delete Command Does Not Successfully Remove All Service Directories (6192105)

4.  End-of-Software Support Statements

5.  Documentation Issues

A.  Previously Documented Bugs That Were Fixed in the Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Release

Compiler-Related Issues

The following compiler-related issue applies to this Oracle Solaris 10 release.

SPARC: Copy Relocation Does Not Work (7083331)

The copy relocation technique does not work in case of a partially initialized bss. As a result, applications that run on SPARC might not execute. The applications might fail to start or read incorrect data values at runtime.

To fix this issue, apply patch 147436–01.