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Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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Part I Overall Planning of Any Oracle Solaris Installation or Upgrade

1.  Where to Find Oracle Solaris Installation Planning Information

2.  What's New in Oracle Solaris Installation

3.  Oracle Solaris Installation and Upgrade (Roadmap)

Task Map: Installing or Upgrading the Oracle Solaris Software

Installing From the Network or From DVD or CDs?

Initial Installation, or Upgrade?

Initial Installation


Choosing an Oracle Solaris Installation Method

4.  System Requirements, Guidelines, and Upgrade (Planning)

5.  Gathering Information Before Installation or Upgrade (Planning)

Part II Understanding Installations That Relate to ZFS, Booting, Oracle Solaris Zones, and RAID-1 Volumes

6.  ZFS Root File System Installation (Planning)

7.  SPARC and x86 Based Booting (Overview and Planning)

8.  Upgrading When Oracle Solaris Zones Are Installed on a System (Planning)

9.  Creating RAID-1 Volumes (Mirrors) During Installation (Overview)

10.  Creating RAID-1 Volumes (Mirrors) During Installation (Planning)



Chapter 3

Oracle Solaris Installation and Upgrade (Roadmap)

This chapter provides you with information about decisions you need to make before you install or upgrade the Oracle Solaris OS. This chapter contains the following sections:

Note - This book uses the term slice, but some Oracle Solaris documentation and programs might refer to a slice as a partition.

x86: To avoid confusion, this book distinguishes between x86 fdisk partitions and the divisions within the Oracle Solaris fdisk partition. The x86 fdisk divisions are called partitions. The divisions within the Oracle Solaris fdisk partition are called slices.