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Introduction to Oracle Solaris 11 Developer Environment     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction

The Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library

Installation and Configuration

Installing the OS

Image Packaging System

Starting the Package Manager

Introduction to Boot Environments

Distribution Constructor

Required Packages

Bundled Tools

Default Shell and Environment

Frequently Used Applications

Tools for Web Server Development

Versioning Software

Isolating Your Development Work

Building Applications in the Oracle Solaris OS

Oracle Solaris Developer Tools

Using the Runtime Linker and Link Editor

Kernel-Level Debugging

Using the Oracle Solaris Studio Tools

Using the NetBeans IDE

Oracle Message Passing Toolkit

Packaging Applications for the Oracle Solaris OS

Dynamic Tracing

Writing Java Programs for the Oracle Solaris OS

Deploying Your Application

The Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library

The Oracle Solaris 11 library includes a variety of documentation to assist administrators, developers, and users in getting information about installing and developing on the Oracle Solaris OS. The Oracle Solaris 11 library is located at

Instructor-led courses, online courses, white papers, and other information on the Oracle Solaris OS and other technologies are among the resources available at Oracle University.