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Oracle Solaris Administration: ZFS File Systems     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Oracle Solaris ZFS File System (Introduction)

2.  Getting Started With Oracle Solaris ZFS

3.  Oracle Solaris ZFS and Traditional File System Differences

4.  Managing Oracle Solaris ZFS Storage Pools

5.  Managing ZFS Root Pool Components

6.  Managing Oracle Solaris ZFS File Systems

7.  Working With Oracle Solaris ZFS Snapshots and Clones

8.  Using ACLs and Attributes to Protect Oracle Solaris ZFS Files

9.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Delegated Administration

10.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Advanced Topics

11.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Troubleshooting and Pool Recovery

12.  Archiving Snapshots and Root Pool Recovery

Overview of ZFS Recovery Process

ZFS Pool Recovery Requirements

Creating a ZFS Snapshot Archive for Recovery

How to Create a ZFS Snapshot Archive

Recreating Your Root Pool and Recovering Root Pool Snapshots

How to Recreate the Root Pool on the Recovery System

13.  Recommended Oracle Solaris ZFS Practices

A.  Oracle Solaris ZFS Version Descriptions


Overview of ZFS Recovery Process

At a minimum, all file system data should be backed up on a regular basis to reduce down time due to system failures. If a catastrophic system failure occurs, you could restore your ZFS root pool snapshots rather than reinstall the OS and recreate your system configuration. Then, restore any non-root pool data.

Any system that runs Oracle Solaris 11 is a candidate for backup and archival. The overall process involves the following steps:

ZFS Pool Recovery Requirements