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Oracle Solaris Administration: SMB and Windows Interoperability     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Windows Interoperability (Overview)

2.  Identity Mapping Administration (Tasks)

3.  SMB Server Administration (Tasks)

4.  SMB Client Administration (Tasks)

Managing SMB Mounts in Your Local Environment (Task Map)

How to Find Available SMB Shares on a Known File Server

How to Mount an SMB Share on a Directory You Own

How to View the List of Mounted SMB Shares

How to Unmount an SMB Share From a Directory You Own

How to Store an SMB Persistent Password

How to Configure the PAM Module to Store an SMB Persistent Password

How to Delete an SMB Persistent Password

Managing SMB Mounts in the Global Environment (Task Map)

How to Mount a Multiuser SMB Share

How to Customize the SMB Environment in Oracle Solaris

How to View the SMB Environment Property Values

How to Add an Automounter Entry for an SMB Share

A.  SMB DTrace Provider



Chapter 4

SMB Client Administration (Tasks)

This chapter provides instructions on how to use the SMB client to access SMB shares from an SMB server in a Windows environment.

This chapter covers the following topics:

Note - Common Internet File System (CIFS) is an enhanced version of the SMB protocol, which allows SMB clients to access files and resources on SMB servers. The terms CIFS and SMB can be considered interchangeable.

Up-to-date troubleshooting information is available on the Oracle Solaris SMB Service wiki.