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Oracle Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Overview of Oracle Solaris System Tuning

2.  Oracle Solaris Kernel Tunable Parameters

3.  NFS Tunable Parameters

4.  Internet Protocol Suite Tunable Parameters

5.  Network Cache and Accelerator Tunable Parameters

6.  System Facility Parameters

A.  Tunable Parameters Change History

Kernel Parameters

Paging-Related Parameters

fastscan (Oracle Solaris 11)

Process-Sizing Tunables

ngroups_max (Oracle Solaris 11)

General Driver Parameter

ddi_msix_alloc_limit ( Oracle Solaris 11)

Network Driver Parameters

igb Parameters (Oracle Solaris 11)

ixgbe Parameters (Oracle Solaris 11)

General Kernel and Memory Parameters

zfs_arc_min (Oracle Solaris 11)

zfs_arc_max (Oracle Solaris 11)

disp_rechoose_interval (Oracle Solaris 11)

TCP/IP Tunable Parameters

[tcp,sctp,udp]_smallest_anon_port and [tcp,sctp,udp]_largest_anon_port (Oracle Solaris 11)

IP Parameter Name Changes (Oracle Solaris 11)

TCP Parameter Name Changes (Oracle Solaris 11)

UDP Parameter Name Changes (Oracle Solaris 11)

SCTP Parameter Name Changes (Oracle Solaris 11)

Parameters That Are Obsolete or Have Been Removed


Obsolete TCP/IP Module Parameters

ip_multidata_outbound (Oracle Solaris 11)

tcp_mdt_max_pbufs (Oracle Solaris 11)

B.  Revision History for This Manual


Appendix A

Tunable Parameters Change History

This chapter describes the change history of specific tunable parameters. If a parameter is in this section, it has changed from a previous release. Parameters whose functionality has been removed are listed also.