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Oracle Solaris Administration: Common Tasks     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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About This Book

1.  Locating Information About Oracle Solaris Commands

2.  Managing User Accounts and Groups (Overview)

3.  Managing User Accounts and Groups (Tasks)

4.  Booting and Shutting Down an Oracle Solaris System

5.  Working With Oracle Configuration Manager

6.  Managing Services (Overview)

7.  Managing Services (Tasks)

8.  Using the Fault Manager

9.  Managing System Information (Tasks)

What's New in Displaying and Changing System Information

Support for Administratively Provided driver.conf Files

Displaying System Information (Task Map)

Displaying System Information

How to Display a System's Release Information

How to Display a System's Host ID Number

How to Display a System's Product Name

How to Display a System's Installed Memory

How to Display Default and Customized Property Values for a Device

How to Display the Date and Time

Identifying Information About Chip Multithreading Features

How to Display a System's Physical Processor Type

How to Display a System's Logical Processor Type

Changing System Information (Task Map)

Changing System Information

How to Manually Set a System's Date and Time

How to Set Up a Message-Of-The-Day

How to Change a System's Identity (nodename)

10.  Managing System Processes (Tasks)

11.  Monitoring System Performance (Tasks)

12.  Managing Software Packages (Tasks)

13.  Managing Disk Use (Tasks)

14.  Scheduling System Tasks (Tasks)

15.  Setting Up and Administering Printers by Using CUPS (Tasks)

16.  Managing the System Console, Terminal Devices, and Power Services (Tasks)

17.  Managing System Crash Information (Tasks)

18.  Managing Core Files (Tasks)

19.  Troubleshooting System and Software Problems (Tasks)

20.  Troubleshooting Miscellaneous System and Software Problems (Tasks)


Chapter 9

Managing System Information (Tasks)

This chapter describes the tasks that are required to display and change the most common system information.

This is a list of the information that is in this chapter:

This chapter does not cover information about resource management that enables you to allocate, monitor, and control system resources in a flexible way. For information about managing system resources with resource management, see Chapter 1, Introduction to Resource Management, in Oracle Solaris Administration: Oracle Solaris Zones, Oracle Solaris 10 Zones, and Resource Management.