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Oracle Solaris Administration: Security Services     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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Part I Security Overview

1.  Security Services (Overview)

Part II System, File, and Device Security

2.  Managing Machine Security (Overview)

3.  Controlling Access to Systems (Tasks)

4.  Virus Scanning Service (Tasks)

5.  Controlling Access to Devices (Tasks)

6.  Using the Basic Audit Reporting Tool (Tasks)

7.  Controlling Access to Files (Tasks)

Part III Roles, Rights Profiles, and Privileges

8.  Using Roles and Privileges (Overview)

9.  Using Role-Based Access Control (Tasks)

10.  Security Attributes in Oracle Solaris (Reference)

Part IV Cryptographic Services

11.  Cryptographic Framework (Overview)

12.  Cryptographic Framework (Tasks)

13.  Key Management Framework

Part V Authentication Services and Secure Communication

14.  Network Services Authentication (Tasks)

15.  Using PAM

16.  Using SASL

17.  Using Secure Shell (Tasks)

18.  Secure Shell (Reference)

Part VI Kerberos Service

19.  Introduction to the Kerberos Service

20.  Planning for the Kerberos Service

21.  Configuring the Kerberos Service (Tasks)

22.  Kerberos Error Messages and Troubleshooting

23.  Administering Kerberos Principals and Policies (Tasks)

24.  Using Kerberos Applications (Tasks)

25.  The Kerberos Service (Reference)

Part VII Auditing in Oracle Solaris

26.  Auditing (Overview)

27.  Planning for Auditing

28.  Managing Auditing (Tasks)

Managing Auditing (Task Map)

Configuring the Audit Service (Tasks)

Configuring the Audit Service (Task Map)

How to Display Audit Service Defaults

How to Preselect Audit Classes

How to Configure a User's Audit Characteristics

How to Change Audit Policy

How to Change Audit Queue Controls

How to Configure the audit_warn Email Alias

How to Add an Audit Class

How to Change an Audit Event's Class Membership

Configuring Audit Logs (Tasks)

Configuring Audit Logs (Task Map)

How to Create ZFS File Systems for Audit Files

How to Assign Audit Space for the Audit Trail

How to Send Audit Files to a Remote Repository

How to Configure syslog Audit Logs

Configuring the Audit Service in Zones (Tasks)

How to Configure All Zones Identically for Auditing

How to Configure Per-Zone Auditing

Enabling and Disabling the Audit Service (Tasks)

How to Refresh the Audit Service

How to Disable the Audit Service

How to Enable the Audit Service

Managing Audit Records on Local Systems (Tasks)

Managing Audit Records on Local Systems (Task Map)

How to Display Audit Record Definitions

How to Merge Audit Files From the Audit Trail

How to Select Audit Events From the Audit Trail

How to View the Contents of Binary Audit Files

How to Clean Up a not_terminated Audit File

How to Prevent Audit Trail Overflow

Troubleshooting the Audit Service (Tasks)

Troubleshooting the Audit Service (Task Map)

How to Determine That Auditing Is Running

How to Lessen the Volume of Audit Records That Are Produced

How to Audit All Commands by Users

How to Find Audit Records of Changes to Specific Files

How to Update the Preselection Mask of Logged In Users

How to Prevent the Auditing of Specific Events

How to Limit the Size of Binary Audit Files

How to Compress Audit Files on a Dedicated File System

How to Audit Logins From Other Operating Systems

How to Audit FTP and SFTP File Transfers

29.  Auditing (Reference)



Chapter 28

Managing Auditing (Tasks)

This chapter provides procedures to help you configure and manage auditing on an Oracle Solaris system. This chapter also includes instructions for administering the audit trail and troubleshooting the audit service. The following is a list of the information in this chapter.

For an overview of the audit service, see Chapter 26, Auditing (Overview). For planning suggestions, see Chapter 27, Planning for Auditing. For reference information, see Chapter 29, Auditing (Reference).