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Trusted Extensions Label Administration     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Labels in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

Labels and Security Policy

Types of Labels, Their Components and Uses

Label Ranges Restrict Access

Labels Are Used in Access Control Decisions

Label Components

Label Dominance

Accreditation Ranges, Label Ranges, and Valid Labels

System Accreditation Range

User Accreditation Range

Account Label Range

Account Label Range Examples

Session Range

Label Availability in Trusted Extensions Sessions

Labeled Workspaces

Label Administration

Label Visibility

Labels on Printed Output

Authorizations for Relabeling Information

Privileges for Translating Labels

2.  Planning Labels in Trusted Extensions(Tasks)

3.  Creating a Label Encodings File (Tasks)

4.  Labeling Printer Output (Tasks)

5.  Customizing the LOCAL DEFINITIONS Section (Tasks)

6.  Planning an Organization's Encodings File (Example)

A.  Encodings File for SecCompany (Example)


Chapter 1

Labels in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

This chapter prepares the security administrator to create the file that encodes labels for the Trusted Extensions feature of Oracle Solaris. This chapter assumes that you have read the following material:

This chapter covers the following topics: