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Trusted Extensions Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Trusted Extensions APIs and Security Policy

2.  Labels and Clearances

3.  Label Code Examples

4.  Interprocess Communications

5.  Trusted X Window System

6.  Label Builder GUI

tgnome-selectlabel Utility

Adding the Label Builder GUI to an Administration Application

Using the Label Builder GUI in the txzonemgr Command

7.  Trusted Web Guard Prototype

8.  Experimental Java Bindings for the Solaris Trusted Extensions Label APIs

A.  Programmer's Reference

B.  Trusted Extensions API Reference


Chapter 6

Label Builder GUI

Trusted Extensions provides the tgnome-selectlabel utility, which creates an interactive label builder GUI. You can use this utility in an administrative application to produce a GUI that enables users to build valid sensitivity labels or clearances.

This chapter covers the following topics: