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Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Resource Management in the Oracle Solaris Operating System

2.  Projects and Tasks

3.  Using the C Interface to Extended Accounting

4.  Using the Perl Interface to Extended Accounting

5.  Resource Controls

Overview of Resource Controls

Resource Controls Flags and Actions

rlimit, Resource Limit

rctl, Resource Control

Resource Control Values and Privilege Levels

Local Actions and Local Flags

Global Actions and Global Flags

Resource Control Sets Associated With a Zone, Project, Processes, and Tasks

Resource Controls Associated With a Project

Resource Controls Associated With Tasks

Resource Controls Associated With Processes

Zone-Wide Resource Controls

Signals Used With Resource Controls

Resource Controls API Functions

Operate on Action-Value Pairs of a Resource Control

Operate on Local Modifiable Values

Retrieve Local Read-Only Values

Retrieve Global Read-Only Actions

Resource Control Code Examples

Master Observing Process for Resource Controls

List all the Value-Action Pairs for a Specific Resource Control

Set project.cpu-shares and Add a New Value

Set LWP Limit Using Resource Control Blocks

Programming Issues Associated With Resource Controls

zonestat Utility for Monitoring Zones Resource Usage

6.  Resource Pools

7.  Design Considerations for Resource Management Applications in Oracle Solaris Zones

8.  Configuration Examples


Programming Issues Associated With Resource Controls

Consider the following issues when writing your application: