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Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Systems     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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Part I Oracle Solaris 11 Installation Options

1.  Overview of Installation Options

Part II Installing Using Installation Media

2.  Preparing for the Installation

3.  Using the LiveCD

4.  Using the Text Installer

5.  Automated Installations That Boot From Media

6.  Unconfiguring or Reconfiguring an Oracle Solaris instance

Part III Installing Using an Install Server

7.  Automated Installation of Multiple Clients

8.  Setting Up an Install Server

AI Server Setup Task Map

Install Server Requirements

AI Server Hardware Requirements

AI Server Software Requirements

Install the AI Installation Tools

Configure the Install Server

Configure a Multihomed Install Server

Configure the Web Server Host Port

Create an AI Install Service

Create an Install Service Without DHCP Setup

Create a SPARC Install Service Using an ISO File

Create an x86 Install Service Using an IPS Package

Create an Install Service Including Local DHCP Setup

Maintain an Install Server

Add, Modify, or Delete an Install Service

Create an Install Service

Modifying Install Service Properties

Rename an Install Service

Enable or Disable an Install Service

Delete an Install Service

Associate Clients With Install Services

Add a Client To an Install Service

Associate a Client With a Different Install Service

Delete a Client From an Install Service

Associate Client-Specific Installation Instructions With Install Services

Add an AI Manifest

Update an AI Manifest

Delete an AI Manifest

Associate Client-Specific Configuration Instructions With Install Services

Add a System Configuration Profile

Validate a System Configuration Profile

Delete a System Configuration Profile

Export an AI Manifest or a System Configuration Profile

Modify Criteria for an AI Manifest or a System Configuration Profile

Show Information About Install Services

List All Install Services on the Install Server

Show Information for a Specified Install Service

List Clients Associated With Install Services

List Clients Associated With a Specific Install Service

Show Information About Customized Installations

List All AI Manifests and System Configuration Profiles

List Manifests and Profiles Associated With a Specified Install Service

Administering the AI SMF Service

9.  Customizing Installations

10.  Provisioning the Client System

11.  Configuring the Client System

12.  Installing and Configuring Zones

13.  Running a Custom Script During First Boot

14.  Setting Up Oracle Configuration Manager For Use By AI Client Systems

15.  Installing Client Systems

16.  Troubleshooting Automated Installations

Install Server Requirements

Any system that meets these requirements can be used as an AI install server, including laptops, desktops, virtual machines, and enterprise servers. The install server can be either an x86 machine or a SPARC machine. An x86 install server can install both SPARC and x86 clients, and a SPARC install server can install both SPARC and x86 clients.

AI Server Hardware Requirements

The following requirements assume the Oracle Solaris 11 OS is already installed. If you need to install or update the Oracle Solaris 11 OS on your AI install server, check Chapter 4, Using the Text Installer and Chapter 3, Using the LiveCD for memory and disk space requirements.


The minimum requirement to operate as an AI install server is 1 GB of memory.

Disk space

Additional disk space required to operate as an AI install server depends on how many install services you set up. You need a separate install service for each different client architecture that you plan to install and for each different version of the Oracle Solaris 11 OS that you plan to install on client systems. Each net image is approximately 300-400 MB.

AI Server Software Requirements

Operating system

Install the Oracle Solaris 11 OS on the AI server. To install the Oracle Solaris 11 on the AI server, see Part II, Installing Using Installation Media.

Static IP address

Configure the AI server to use a static IP address. See How to Configure an IP Interface in Oracle Solaris Administration: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization.

Default router

Ensure that your AI server has a default route set by using the netstat(1M) command to show network status. If your AI server does not have a default route set, you can set a static default route by populating the /etc/defaultrouter(4) file with the IP address of a static default route for your server's network.

Multicast DNS

Optional: Enable the svc:/network/dns/multicast SMF service. Use the svcs(1) command to check the status of the service, and then use the svcadm(1M) command to enable the service if necessary. See Example 8-1.

Software package repository

Ensure that the install server can access an IPS software package repository. AI requires the install/installadm package.


Set up DHCP. The AI server can also be the DHCP server. Alternatively, you can use a DHCP server that is already set up in this network. You need different DHCP configurations for each client architecture. Create an Install Service Including Local DHCP Setup shows an example of setting up DHCP on the install server. For more information about DHCP configuration, see Part II, DHCP, in Oracle Solaris Administration: IP Services.

Example 8-1 Enable Multicast DNS

The following commands check the status of the svc:/network/dns/multicast SMF service and then enable the service.

# svcs /network/dns/multicast
disabled      10:19:28 svc:/network/dns/multicast:default
# svcadm enable /network/dns/multicast
# svcs /network/dns/multicast
online        13:28:30 svc:/network/dns/multicast:default