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Creating and Administering Oracle Solaris 11 Boot Environments     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to Managing Boot Environments

2.  beadm Zones Support

3.  Creating Boot Environments and Snapshots

4.  Administering Boot Environments

Listing Existing Boot Environments and Snapshots

Viewing Boot Environment Specifications

Viewing Specifications in Machine-Parsable Output

Viewing Snapshot Specifications

Changing the Default Boot Environment

Mounting and Updating an Inactive Boot Environment

How to Mount and Update a Boot Environment

Unmounting Boot Environments

Destroying a Boot Environment

Creating Custom Names for Boot Environments

Creating Additional Datasets for Boot Environments

Mounting and Updating an Inactive Boot Environment

To update packages on an existing, inactive boot environment, mount that environment and, optionally, update packages on it.

Note - When you mount a boot environment, the supported zones in that environment are mounted relative to the mount points for the environment.

The command syntax is as follows.

Syntax: beadm mount BeName mount-point

The command mounts a specified boot environment at a specified mount point. If the mount point already exists, it must be empty. If the directory for the mount point does not exist, the beadm utility creates the directory, then mounts the boot environment on that directory. Although the boot environment is mounted, it remains inactive.

If the specified boot environment is already mounted, the beadm mount command fails and does not remount the boot environment at the newly specified location.

How to Mount and Update a Boot Environment

  1. Become the root role.
  2. Mount the a boot environment.
    # beadm mount BeName mount-point
  3. (Optional) Update packages on the boot environment by using the pkg command.

    For example, you can use the pkg install command with the -R option to update specific packages on the boot environment.

    # pkg -R /mnt install package-name

    Where /mnt is the mount point for the boot environment.

Unmounting Boot Environments

You can use the beadm command to unmount an existing boot environment. When you unmount a boot environment, the zones in that environment are also unmounted. All mount points are returned to their states prior to being mounted.

Note - You cannot unmount the boot environment that is currently booted.

The command syntax is as follows.

Syntax: beadm unmount [-f] BeName

The command unmounts the specified boot environment.

The -f option forcefully unmounts the boot environment even if it is currently busy.