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Creating and Administering Oracle Solaris 11 Boot Environments     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to Managing Boot Environments

2.  beadm Zones Support

beadm in Non-Global Zones

Unbootable Boot Environments

Zones Naming Conventions

3.  Creating Boot Environments and Snapshots

4.  Administering Boot Environments

Zones Naming Conventions

The beadm utility automatically handles all zones naming tasks related to the beadm processes. When the beadm utility is operating on boot environments in a global zone that also contains non-global zones, the zones naming conventions that are automatically used by the beadm utility are as follows.

A zone root dataset name is stated in the following format:

<zonepath dataset>/rpool/ROOT/<zone root>

For example:


When a zone is copied from one boot environment to another boot environment, only the datasets that are under the zone's root dataset are copied.

A dataset can be shared between zone boot environments. Shared datasets are located outside the root dataset area of each boot environment.

Note - Shared datasets are user-defined directories, such as /export, that contain the same mount point in both the active and inactive boot environments.

A shared dataset is identified by using the following format:

<zonepath dataset>/rpool/export

For example:


A shared dataset must be explicitly added during zones configuration. A shared dataset is not cloned when the zone dataset is cloned. See the examples in Chapter 3, Creating Boot Environments and Snapshots.