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Oracle Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  About DTrace

2.  D Programming Language

3.  Aggregations

4.  Actions and Subroutines

5.  Buffers and Buffering

6.  Output Formatting

7.  Speculative Tracing

8.  dtrace(1M) Utility

9.  Scripting

10.  Options and Tunables

11.  Providers

12.  User Process Tracing

13.  Statically Defined Tracing for User Applications

14.  Security

15.  Anonymous Tracing

Anonymous Enablings

Claiming Anonymous State

Anonymous Tracing Examples

16.  Postmortem Tracing

17.  Performance Considerations

18.  Stability

19.  Translators

20.  Versioning

Chapter 15

Anonymous Tracing

This chapter describes anonymous tracing, tracing that is not associated with any DTrace consumer. Anonymous tracing is used in situations when no DTrace consumer processes can run. The most common use of anonymous tracing is to permit device driver developers to debug and trace activity that occurs during system boot. Any tracing that you can do interactively you can do anonymously. However, only the super user may create an anonymous enabling, and only one anonymous enabling can exist at any time.