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Transitioning From Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Transitioning From Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11 (Overview)

2.  Transitioning to an Oracle Solaris 11 Installation Method

3.  Managing Devices

4.  Managing Storage Features

5.  Managing File Systems

6.  Managing Software

Oracle Solaris 11 Package Changes

Oracle Solaris 10 SVR4 and IPS Package Comparison

IPS Installation Package Groups

Displaying Information About Software Packages

Updating the Software on Your Oracle Solaris 11 System

Installing Maintenance Updates on an Oracle Solaris 11 System

How to Configure the Oracle Solaris support Repository

Managing Boot Environments

Tools for Managing Boot Environments

Reviewing the Initial ZFS BE After an Installation

How to Update Your ZFS Boot Environment

7.  Managing Network Configuration

8.  Managing System Configuration

9.  Managing Security

10.  Managing Oracle Solaris Releases in a Virtual Environment

11.  User Account Management and User Environment Changes

12.  Using Oracle Solaris Desktop Features

A.  Transitioning From Previous Oracle Solaris 11 Releases to Oracle Solaris 11

Oracle Solaris 11 Package Changes

IPS is a framework that provides the capability for software lifecycle management, which includes installation, upgrade, and the removal of packages. IPS utilizes packaging mechanisms that are significantly different than the legacy SVR4 packaging mechanism that is used in Oracle Solaris 10. An IPS package is a collection of directories, files, links, drivers, dependencies, groups, users, and license information in a defined format. This collection represents the installable objects of a package. Packages have attributes, such as package name and description. IPS pkg(5) packages are stored in IPS package repositories that are populated by IPS publishers. See pkg(5).

The following IPS components are described in this chapter:

For SVR4 package to IPS package conversion information, see the IPS Developer's Guide.