How to Move an Application to Another Development Instance

Whether you want to move an application to another workspace or just make a copy of it, deploying involves the following steps:

  1. Move the supporting database objects (if appropriate). Review the Database Object Dependencies report to determine what objects to move. See "Using the Database Object Dependencies Report".

  2. Package an application definition with its supporting objects to create a packaged application. See "How to Create a Packaged Application".

  3. Import the exported files into the target Oracle Application Express instance. See "Importing Export Files".

    Note that if the target instance is a different schema, you also need to export and import any required database objects.

  4. Install the exported files from Export Repository. See "Installing Export Files".

You can import an application into your workspace regardless of the workspace in which it was developed. See "Deployment Options to Consider".


You can also move the application definition and all supporting objects manually. See "Exporting an Application and Related Files".

About Managing Database Objects

Before you export an application and the appropriate related files, you must determine if you also need to migrate the database objects referenced by the application. If you are unsure of which database objects to move, review the Database Object Dependencies report.

If the target schema is different from the schema used in the development environment, you need to migrate the database objects referenced by the application. In many cases, this process can be as simple as using Oracle database export and import utilities to copy the application schema from the development environment to target instance. The following are two common scenarios where this approach does not work:

  • When the object development schema refers to tablespaces to which the target instance schema does not have access

  • When the development instance schema has sample data that you do not want to migrate to the target instance schema

If a database administrator or an Oracle Application Express administrator is the person responsible for exporting Oracle Application Express applications, be sure to clearly communicate if he or she:

  • Should include all data when exporting your application

  • Should not include data from specific tables you identify


"Using the Data Workshop to Manage Data" in Oracle Application Express SQL Workshop Guide