Appendix A. Automated Administration Scripts

Table of Contents

A.1. Reading the Return Code
A.2. Waiting for a Job to Finish
A.3. Parsing the Output of the CLI
A.3.1. Subcommands That Result in a Single Job
A.3.2. Subcommands That Result in a Multiple Jobs
A.3.3. user-search
A.3.4. user-show
A.3.5. user-desktops
A.3.6. group-list
A.3.7. group-show
A.3.8. token-search
A.3.9. token-show
A.3.10. token-desktops
A.3.11. pool-list
A.3.12. pool-show
A.3.13. pool-desktops
A.3.14. pool-templates
A.3.15. desktop-search
A.3.16. template-revisions
A.3.17. provider-list
A.3.18. provider-list-hosts
A.3.19. provider-list-storage
A.3.20. provider-list-templates
A.3.21. provider-list-unmanaged
A.3.22. provider-list-networks
A.3.23. provider-show
A.3.24. provider-storage-orphans
A.3.25. directory-list
A.3.26. admin-list
A.3.27. admin-show
A.3.28. role-list
A.3.29. job-list
A.3.30. job-show

The /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda command can be used in scripts for automated administration.