Chapter 6. Preparing Desktops

Table of Contents

6.1. About Pools
6.1.1. How to Create Desktop Pools
6.1.2. How to Configure Networks Per Pool
6.1.3. How to Configure RDP Options Per Pool
6.1.4. How to Enable USB Redirection
6.1.5. How to Configure Smart Card Removal
6.1.6. How to Configure Kiosk Settings (Sun Ray Kiosk Provider)
6.1.7. Choosing Between VRDP and MS-RDP
6.2. About Desktops
6.2.1. Supported Desktop Operating Systems
6.2.2. Available Actions for Desktops
6.3. About Templates and Revisions
6.3.1. Available Actions for Templates
6.3.2. Available Actions for Revisions
6.4. About Desktop and Virtual Machine States
6.4.1. Virtual Machine States
6.4.2. Desktop States
6.5. Creating Desktop Images
6.5.1. How to Create Virtual Machines (Oracle VDI Hypervisor)
6.5.2. How to Create Virtual Machines (VMware vCenter)
6.5.3. How to Create Virtual Machines (Microsoft Hyper-V)
6.6. Importing Desktops
6.6.1. How to Import Desktops (Oracle VDI Hypervisor)
6.6.2. How to Import Desktops (VMware vCenter)
6.6.3. How to Import Desktops (Microsoft Hyper-V)
6.6.4. How to Import Individual Windows PCs
6.6.5. About Template Management
6.7. Cloning Desktops
6.7.1. How to Clone Desktops (Oracle VDI Hypervisor)
6.7.2. How to Clone Desktops (VMware vCenter)
6.7.3. How to Enable VMware Linked Cloning
6.7.4. How to Clone Desktops (Microsoft Hyper-V)
6.7.5. About Clone Customization
6.7.6. How to Debug Fast Preparation Problems
6.7.7. How to Enable Oracle VDI Fast Preparation for Windows Templates (Oracle VDI Hypervisor and Microsoft Hyper-V)
6.7.8. How to Enable System Preparation for Windows Templates (Oracle VDI Hypervisor and Microsoft Hyper-V)
6.7.9. About Personal Hard Drives
6.7.10. Clone and Recycle Job Management
6.8. Assigning Users to Desktops
6.8.1. How to Assign Users to Pools or Desktops
6.8.2. How to Create Custom Groups and Custom Group Filters
6.8.3. How to Assign Tokens to Users
6.8.4. How to Assign Tokens to Desktops or Pools
6.8.5. How to Create Bulks of Tokens
6.8.6. How to Search for Desktops