4.9. How to Set Up Secure Authentication

Use the steps below to set up secure authentication.


It is necessary to provide the credentials of a user that has 'read' access to the user directory. This user will be used to read user information from the directory.

Oracle VDI Manager Steps

  1. In the Oracle VDI Manager, go to SettingsCompany.

  2. In the Companies table, click New to activate the New Company wizard.

  3. Select LDAP Type, and click Next.

  4. Select Secure Authentication.

  5. Enter the hostname or IP address, and port number, of the LDAP server.

    The default port, 636, is used by most SSL secured LDAP servers.

  6. Enter the base DN of the LDAP server.

    Specifying a base DN is optional. It allows you to restrict the part of the LDAP directory used to search for users.

    For example, cn=Users,dc=my,dc=company,dc=com.

  7. Enter the user name.

    It must be the fully distinguished name (DN) of a user that has sufficient privileges to search the LDAP directory.

    For example, cn=super-user,cn=Users,dc=my,dc=company,dc=com.

  8. Enter the password for the user.

  9. The following step shows the SSL certificate of the LDAP server.

    Click Next to permanently accept the certificate.

  10. Review your choices before completing the configuration.

  11. (Optional) If you want users to authenticate only once when logging in using their email address, set the default domain in the user directory.

    /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda directory-setprops [-u CompanyName] \
    -p directory.default.domain=domainname