1.3. About the Oracle VDI Package Software

1.3.1. Oracle VDI Requirements and Platform Support
1.3.2. Additional Supporting Software

Oracle VDI software is a layered software solution that makes use of virtualization, user directory, database, and desktop access software. For more information about the full Oracle VDI architecture, see Section 2.1, “Introduction to Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure”.

The software includes the following components:

1.3.1. Oracle VDI Requirements and Platform Support

For details of the requirements for this release of Oracle VDI and what is supported in this release, see the following:

1.3.2. Additional Supporting Software

Additional software that can be used with Oracle VDI can be downloaded using the following links:

Oracle VM VirtualBox release 4.0 and later is divided into two components:

  • The Base Pack contains open-source software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License V2.

  • The Extension Pack extends the functionality of the Base Pack and contains Oracle proprietary software.

Oracle VDI only includes the Extension Pack for the Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux platforms.When you run the script to install Oracle VM VirtualBox, the script automatically downloads the Base Pack. The Base Pack and Extension Pack can be downloaded from the Oracle VDI download page. For more information, see Section 5.1.4, “How to Install the Oracle VDI Hypervisor”.

Supporting Documentation

Further information about additional software can be found using the following links: