Chapter 1. Release Notes

Table of Contents

1.1. New Features in Oracle VDI Release 3.3
1.2. VDA Subcommands, Arguments, and Properties Deprecated in Oracle VDI Release 3.3
1.2.1. Password Properties
1.2.2. Pool Settings
1.2.3. User Directory Settings
1.2.4. Remote Access Subcommands
1.2.5. Forced Deletion of a User Directory
1.3. About the Oracle VDI Package Software
1.3.1. Oracle VDI Requirements and Platform Support
1.3.2. Additional Supporting Software
1.4. Known Issues
1.4.1. Templates Cannot be Imported for Hyper-V Desktop Providers on Oracle Linux Platforms (Bug ID 12307034)
1.4.2. On Oracle Linux Platforms the GDM Greeter is Visible Until the Kiosk Session is Initialized (Bug ID 12577080)