3.5. How to Install Oracle VDI

Before you begin, check that the host meets the requirements for installing Oracle VDI, as described in Section 3.2, “Oracle VDI System Requirements”.

  1. Download the Oracle VDI software archive to a temporary location on the host.

  2. Log in as root on the host.

  3. Unzip the Oracle VDI software archive and change working directory to the extracted directory.

    • On Oracle Solaris hosts:

      # unzip vda_3.3_solaris_amd64.zip
      # cd vda_3.3_solaris_amd64
    • On Oracle Linux hosts:

      # unzip vda_3.3_linux.zip
      # cd vda_3.3_linux
  4. Install the software.

    # ./vda-install

    The software is installed in /opt/SUNWvda.

    The Software License Agreement is displayed and you are prompted to accept its terms and conditions.

    After accepting the license agreement, the installation begins, and all the Oracle VDI components are installed.

    At the end of the installation, you are prompted to configure Oracle VDI.

    Do you want to configure Oracle VDI 3.3 now? ([y]/n)
    • To configure Oracle VDI later, type n and press the Return key.

    • To configure Oracle VDI now, press the Return key.

    For details of how to configure Oracle VDI, see: