3.3. Preparing to Use a Remote MySQL Database

You specify that you want to use a remote MySQL database when you configure the primary host in an Oracle VDI Center. The remote MySQL database must already be installed and configured.

The following are the supported remote databases:

To use the remote database, you must provide the following information when you configure Oracle VDI on a primary host:

The privileged database administrator is used only to create and configure an Oracle VDI database on the remote MySQL database. When the Oracle VDI database is created, a database user is also created. All access to the remote Oracle VDI database is performed through this user. By default, the name of the remote Oracle VDI database is vda and the name of the database user is vdadb. When you configure the Oracle VDI primary, you can choose different names, and choose a password to use for the database user.

To use SSL connections to the remote database, you must copy the certificate and key files needed for the SSL connection to the primary host so that they can be specified when you configure Oracle VDI. The certificates and key must be in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format. Depending on the SSL configuration of the remote database, you might need the following:

For more information about MySQL SSL configuration, refer to the MySQL Server Administration chapter of the MySQL Reference Manual.