Chapter 5. Configuring Desktop Providers and Virtualization Platforms

Table of Contents

5.1. Oracle VDI Hypervisor
5.1.1. About the Oracle VDI Hypervisor
5.1.2. System Requirements for the Oracle VDI Hypervisor
5.1.3. Updating the Oracle VDI Hypervisor
5.1.4. How to Install the Oracle VDI Hypervisor
5.1.5. How to Configure the VRDP Port Range
5.2. Microsoft Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Services
5.2.1. Microsoft Hyper-V
5.2.2. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
5.2.3. Preparing a Windows Server
5.3. VMware vCenter
5.3.1. System Requirements for VMware vCenter
5.3.2. How to Set Up a VMware ESX Server
5.3.3. How to Set Up a VMware vCenter Server
5.3.4. How to Test the Platform Setup
5.4. About Generic Desktop Providers
5.5. About Sun Ray Kiosk Session Providers
5.6. Storage
5.6.1. Supported Storage Server Platforms
5.6.2. About Storage Clustering
5.6.3. How to Set Up an Oracle Solaris Storage Server
5.6.4. How to Set Up a Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System
5.6.5. How to Replicate and Replace a Sun Unified Storage System
5.6.6. How to Replicate and Replace an Oracle Solaris Storage System
5.7. Desktop Providers
5.7.1. How to Create Desktop Providers