G Auditing your Oracle Service Bus System

This chapter provides general guidelines on auditing your Oracle Service Bus environment.

In addition to monitoring the services in your Oracle Service Bus system, you can audit your system to determine the history of configuration changes to the system, log the status of messages as they flow through the Oracle Service Bus pipeline at run time, and log any security violations for messages in the pipeline.

G.1 Auditing the Configuration Changes

When you perform configurational changes in the Oracle Service Bus Administration Console, a track record of the changes is generated and a record of all the configurational changes is maintained. Only the previous image of the object is maintained. You can view or access the history of configurational changes and the list of resources that have been changed during the session only through the Administration Console. However, to access all the information on configuration you have to activate the session.

G.2 Creating an Audit Trail for a Message Flow

Auditing the entire message flow pipeline during is time consuming. However, you can use the reporting action to perform selective auditing of the message flow pipeline during run time. You insert the reporting action at required points in the message flow pipeline and extract the required information. The extracted information may be then stored in a database or sent to the reporting stream to write the auditing report.

G.3 Auditing Security Violations

When a message is sent to the proxy service and there is a breach in the transport level authentication or the security of the Web Services, Oracle WebLogic Server generates an audit trail. You must configure the Oracle WebLogic Server to generate this audit trail. Using this you can audit all security violations that occur in the message flow pipeline. It also generates an audit trail whenever it authenticates a user. For more information about security auditing, see "Configuring the Oracle WebLogic Security Framework–Main Steps" in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Service Bus.