What's New in This Guide for Release

This guide was updated for 11g Release 1 ( The following table lists sections that are new or changed.


For a list of known issues (release notes), see the "Known Issues for for Oracle SOA Products and Oracle AIA Foundation Pack" at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/docs/soa-aiafp-knownissuesindex-364630.html.

Sections Changes Made

All Chapters


Chapter summaries

Enhanced document and chapter summaries for better web search results.



Chapter 1, "Basic Configuration"


Section 1.6, "Access Settings"

Updated Basic Access Settings.



Chapter 6, "Configuring and Using Automated Harvesting in Design-time and Runtime Environments"

Updated chapter to include BPMN 2.0.



Chapter 8, "Configuring E-Mail Notifications and Distribution Lists"


Chapter 8, "Viewing E-Mail Templates"

Added section.



Chapter 9, "Configuring Oracle Enterprise Repository Workflow"

Updated chapter to clarify workflow processes



Chapter 10, "Configuring Oracle Enterprise Repository to Exchange Metadata with the Oracle Service Registry"


Chapter 10, "XU Support"

Added information for non-WSDL HTTP service types.