8.7 Entering Proxy Information

Some features of Oracle Reports Services support retrieving or sending information through a firewall. For example, the URL engine, the XML data source, the Text data source, and the mail destination features all retrieve or send information through the firewall. For these features to function properly, Reports Server requires certain proxy information.

In Oracle Reports 11g Release 1 (11.1.1), proxy information is stored in the Reports Server configuration file (rwserver.conf). You can specify proxy information in either of the following ways:

8.7.1 Using Oracle Enterprise Manager

To specify proxy information using Oracle Enterprise Manager, refer to Section 7.14, "Configuring Proxy Information".

8.7.2 Editing the Server Configuration File

To specify proxy information by editing the server configuration file (rwserver.conf) directly, add the proxyServer element, as described in Section, "proxyServer".