20.2 What's New In This Release?

Oracle Reports 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) expands bursting and distribution to all output formats, as well as other new features, as described in Table 20-1 (a subset of Table 1-1, "11g Functionality vs. 10g Functionality"):

Table 20-1 11g Distribution and Bursting Features vs. 10g Functionality

11g New Features Equivalent 10g Functionality

Full support for bursting and distribution to all destinations and output formats, including:

  • all out-of-the-box and pluggable destinations

  • data-driven formats such as XML and DELIMITEDDATA, as well as layout-based formats such as the new ENHANCEDSPREADSHEET format

Limited destinations and output formats for bursting and distribution.

System parameters in report definition honored for distribution. Distributed output honors the DESTYPE, DESFORMAT, and DESNAME system parameters specified in the report definition.

For example, if you define system parameters in the report:


the report output is generated and distributed using these values without the parameter values needing to be specified in the distribution XML file or on the command line.

Additionally, if users change the values of DESTYPE, DESFORMAT, or DESNAME on the Runtime Parameter Form during runtime, or if Oracle Reports sets the value of these system parameter based on a runtime calculation, the parameter values are honored when the report is distributed.

Values for system parameters DESTYPE, DESFORMAT, and DESNAME specified in the report definition are not honored for distributed output; to change the default values of these system parameters for distributed reports, they must be specified in the distribution file or on the command line.

Security check for distribution destinations. Ability to define security policies for distribution jobs. For example, you can define a security policy that specifies report output may not be burst to ENHANCEDSPREADSHEET format; if the distribution XML file specifies ENHANCEDSPREADSHEET format, the attempt to generate a report to this output format displays an error.

No security check performed for destinations specified in the distribution XML file.

Other improvements such as tolerance support for burst jobs and improved diagnostics.