Format Data dialog: Date tab

Use this tab to change the format of the currently selected date worksheet item. For example, to change the font style, text color, text alignment, or the layout of date characters.

For more information, see:

"About Discoverer worksheet types"


Use this list to select a predefined format for the currently selected date item.


Use this list to select a date type.


This field shows how the type selected in the Type list looks on the worksheet.


Use this list (which is displayed when the Custom category is selected) to either choose from an existing custom type, or to create your own custom type. For example, you might want to create a type to display time as SS:MM:HH rather than HH:MM:SS.

Hint: To create a custom type:

  1. select a type from the Type list

  2. enter changes in the Edit Type field

  3. click Add to save changes

Use the Example field to see how changes affect how the item is displayed.