Join folders dialog

Use this dialog to specify how folders should be joined. Discoverer displays this dialog when it detects multiple possible joins between two folders, when you create a worksheet.

For example, a product key item in a Products folder might be joined with a product key item in a Sales folder. The Products folder and Sales folder might also be joined by another item (for example, Location) that exists in both of the folders. In this example Discoverer displays both joins, enabling you to select the appropriate join for the query.

For more information, see:

"About multiple join paths"

There are several ways to join the folders you have selected. Please select the join or joins you want to use:

Use this list to select how you want to join folders.

It is recommended that you select all the joins displayed to ensure that Discoverer displays accurate results data.

Contact the Discoverer manager if you are not sure about selecting joins.

Note: Discoverer displays this dialog only if you have cleared the Disable Multiple Join Paths check box (for more information, see the "Options dialog: Advanced tab").