Select Value dialog

Use this dialog to search LOV values and select the value that you want. For example, when you choose a parameter value or condition item that has a long list of values, you might want to search for values that begin with the letter 'C', and then select 'CPM'.

For more information, see:

"Using lists of values (LOVs)"

Search by

Use this drop down list to specify how you want to match values. For example, choose Starts With and enter 'T' as a Search for value to list only items beginning with the letter 'T'.

Search for

Use this field to enter the text you want to match against. For example, enter 'T' here and choose Starts With in the Search by drop down list to list only items beginning the letter 'T'.


Use this button to start the search according to the search criteria that you have specified and display matching values in the Displayed values list below. If you click Go when the Search for field is empty, the first group of values in the LOV is displayed.


Use this check box to specify whether you want to match upper and lowercase letters exactly when searching (for example, when selected, the search term 'New York' would find 'New York', but would not find 'NEW YORK', 'new york', or 'new York').

Displayed values

This list displays values that match the search criteria that you have specified, or values displayed by default when the dialog is first displayed.

<Left arrow>

Use this button to display the previous set of values.

<Right arrow>

Use this button to display the next set of values.


  • The number of values retrieved at a time is specified by the Discoverer manager.

  • The Display Values field does not display reserved words (for example, NULL, All), unless they are literal values stored in the database.