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timeout, A.1
Apple Mac
prerequisites, 2.6
running Discoverer Plus, 2.6
Application Server Control
how to display the Discoverer home page, 4.1.2
how to start, 4.1.2
using to manage Discoverer components, 4.1.2
why use with Discoverer, 4.1.1
applypreferences.bat, A.1
of Discoverer, 1.7
of Discoverer Catalog, 5.1.4
ASO encryption certification, 13.2
Available Items pane
hide and display, 8.1


BI Beans Catalog, 5.1.5
administer, 4.1.1
block size
Discoverer Catalog,
requirements, 2.2
supported by Discoverer, 2.2


creating a rule for Discoverer, 7.5.1
caching Discoverer Viewer pages
enabling, 7.5.2
Discoverer, 5.1
OLAP, 5.1.2
CellPadding preference, 9.6
Oracle Applications, E.3
character limits
browser limits, 12.2
checkconfiguration utility, 5.6
checkdiscoverer utility, 11.1, 11.2, A.1
collectlogs.bat, 11.1, 11.5, A.1, 11.1, 11.5
column spacing in reports, 9.6
command line utility for managing the Discoverer Plus OLAP Catalog, 5.9
connect, C.12.1, C.12.2, C.12.3, C.12.4
communication protocols, 4.1.1, 4.1.1, 4.1.1
about HTTP, 13.6.3,
about HTTPS,, 13.10.3
about JRMP, 13.6.3,
configuration diagnostic utility
Discoverer Plus OLAP, 5.6
configuration files
applypreferences.bat, A.1
checkdiscoverer.bat, A.1
collectlogs.bat, A.1
configuration.xml, A.1, A.2, A.1
defaults.txt, A.1
dis51pr, A.1, A.1
error.txt, A.1, A.1
mod_osso.conf, A.1
opmnctl, A.1
opmn.xml, A.3
pref.txt, A.1, A.1
reg_key.dc, A.1
tnsnames.ora, A.1, A.1
web.xml, A.1
settings, A.2
summary, A.1
connection ID
how to find out, 12.4.3
connections, 2.7, 2.11
about, 3.1, 3.3
connections page, 3.4
copying, 3.3
creating a public connection, 3.6, 3.7
enabling private, 3.8
how to find out a connection ID, 12.4.3
managing with Oracle Application Server Control, 3.3
private, 2.7, 2.11
private for OLAP data, 5.3.8
public, 4.1.1
troubleshooting, E.21
types, 3.2 script, 9.7
copying Discoverer connections, 3.3
CORBA components
Preferences, 1.9.2
Session, 1.9.2
Euro countries, 9.6
hide and display Available Items pane, 8.1
customizing Discoverer Plus
about, 8.1
customizing Discoverer Viewer
about, 8.2, 8.2.1
layout, 8.2.3
look and feel, 8.2.2
troubleshooting, E.23


D4OSYS user
database privileges, 5.2.1
privileges, 5.3.4
specifying, C.13.4
tnsnames.ora, C.13.4
Database Connection file, 14.1
database privileges
D4OSYS, 5.2.1
database security
about, 13.2
ASO encryption certification, 13.2
database users and performance, 10.3.13
DBC files, 14.1
defaults.txt, A.1
demilitarized zones (DMZs)
about, 13.10.2
diagnosing problems, 11.1
checkdiscoverer utility, 11.2
dis51pr, A.1
about, 1.1
and Oracle Applications, 14
and Oracle Fusion Middleware, 1.3
architecture, 1.7
CORBA components, 1.9.2
J2EE components, 1.9.1
over SSL/HTTPS, 13.6
Plus servlet,
port numbers, 4.8
Portlet Provider servlet,
process, 1.11
security, 2.3, 3.8
URL arguments for Discoverer Plus, 12.8
URL parameters for Discoverer Viewer, 12.9
Viewer, 1.1
Discoverer Catalog, 5.1
about, 5.1.1
administer, 5.1
architecture, 5.1.4
authorize access, 5.3.6
authorized users and roles, 5.3
block size,
D4OSYS user, 5.2.1
defined, 5.1.1
deinstallation, 5.2.3
export, 5.2.4
folder structure, 5.3.1, 5.3.1
import, 5.2.5
installation, 5.2.2
maintain users and roles, 5.3
manage using the Discoverer Plus OLAP command line utility, 5.9
object properties, 5.1.3
privileges, 5.3.3
privileges for objects and folders, 5.3.3
revoke access, 5.3.7
Discoverer connections
about, 3.1
and Oracle Applications, 14.1
copying, 3.3
Oracle e-Business Suite, 13.4, 14.1
Discoverer Java applet, 1.8.1
Discoverer logins
managing with Oracle Application Server Control, 3.3
Discoverer memory and performance, 10.3.13
Discoverer Plus, 2.6
about, 1.1
accessing over dial-up, 2.6
client machine requirements, 1.8.1
configuration, 4.1.1
hide and display UI panes, 8.1
look and feel, 8.1, 8.1.1
operating system rights, 2.4
process, 1.11.1, 1.11.2
removing applet, 2
running, 2.6
running on Apple Mac, 2.6
running on Internet Explorer, 2.6, 2.8
running on Netscape Navigator, 2.6, 2.9
running over HTTPS,
security settings, 2.6
session timeout, 2.6
upgrading the applet, 1.8.1
URL arguments, 12.8
Discoverer Plus OLAP
about, 1.1
about the configuration diagnostic utility, 5.6
customizing, 5.4
ensuring access, 5.3.5
information for end users, 5.5
starting with URL parameters, 12.5.6
URL parameters, 5.7
Discoverer Portlet Provider, 10.3.12
security example,
Discoverer preferences
about, 9.1
migrating, 9.8
Discoverer Preferences component
specifying the machine that is going to run it, 6.6
Discoverer security
communication protocols,
configuring with HTTPS,
connections, 13.5.1
database, 13.2
Discoverer Services Configuration page,
non-Oracle Single Sign-On, 13.8.3
Oracle Portal,
Oracle Single Sign-On, 13.8.1, 13.8.2
secure tunneling,
Discoverer Services components
about, 1.9
Discoverer Session component,
Preferences component,
Session component,
Discoverer Services Configuration page
starting OEM,
Discoverer Viewer
about, 1.1
client machine requirements, 1.8.2
customization, 4.1.1
customization troubleshooting, E.23
email option, E.11
graph display problem, E.19
JavaScript, 1.8.2
look and feel, 8.2
page navigation tool, A.2
process, 1.11.3
running, 2.11
security, 13.6.2
troubleshooting, E.2
URL parameter for OLAP worksheet, 5.8
URL parameters, 12.9, A.1
DMZs, 13.10.2


e-Business Suite login, 13.4, 14.1
email option in Discoverer Viewer, E.11
how to configure Discoverer to use encryption in an intranet, 13.10.7
how to configure Discoverer to use encryption through firewalls, 13.10.8
how to verify that Discoverer is encrypting communications, 13.10.9
Endian format in preferences file, 9.7
Enterprise Manager
query progress delay, 4.1.1
error message - Could not resolve service name?, E.5
error message ORA-12154, E.5
Euro currency, 9.6
EuroCountries preference, 9.6
export Discoverer Catalog, 5.2.4
export errors
troubleshooting, E.2
exporting data
displaying repeating values, 9.6
minimum required Excel version, E.2
NULL values, 9.6


Firefox browser
running Discoverer Plus, 2.6
about, 13.10.1
how to configure Discoverer for both intranet users and users accessing Discoverer through a firewall, 13.10.10
how to configure Discoverer to use encryption through firewalls, 13.10.8
how to configure Discoverer to work through a firewall, 13.10.5, 13.10.6
policies, 13.10.2
folder structure of Discoverer Catalog, 5.3.1
frequently asked questions
about security, 13.10
Fusion Middleware Control, 4.1
about, 4.1


troubleshooting, E.19
GUID, Global User ID, 13.9.1


HTTP, 13.6
about, 13.6.3,
HTTPS, 13.6
about,, 13.10.3
enabling, 13.6
running Discoverer, 2.5
running Discoverer Plus,
troubleshooting, E.8


import Discoverer Catalog, 5.2.5
index values
troubleshooting, E.16
Internet Explorer
running Discoverer, 2.8
configure Discoverer for both intranet users and users accessing Discoverer through a firewall, 13.10.10
how to configure Discoverer to work in an intranet, 13.10.4
IQY format, 4.11


J2EE components
about, 1.9.1
Java Plug-in
pop-up, 2
Java runtime environment, 2
Oracle JInitiator, 2
Sun Java Plug-in, 2
Java Virtual Machine
running with different version, 4.10
Discoverer Viewer requirements, 1.8.2
JRMP, 13.6
about, 13.6.3,


browser, 8.1.1, 8.1.1
plastic, 8.1.1
system, 8.1.1
customizing, 8.2.3
log files, 11.1, 11.5
collecting, 11.1, 11.5
enabling Discoverer Servlet logs, 11.4
ORB debug file, A.3
server diagnostics available, 11.1
logging, 10.3.13
look and feel, 8.1.3
creating a custom LAF, 8.1.3
customizing, 8.1, 8.2, 8.2.2
types, 8.1.1


Metadata Repository
upgrading Discoverer part of, B.2.7.1
Microsoft Excel
minimum supported version for export, E.2
minimum supported version for Web Query format, 4.11
minimum security settings, 2.6
mod_osso.conf, A.1
multiple-machine installation
about configuring Discoverer, 6.3


NAT (Network Address Translation), deploy Discoverer using a standard NAT, 13.10.11
Netscape Navigator, 2.6
running Discoverer, 2.9
Netscape V4.x
troubleshooting, E.7
network exception
troubleshooting, E.4
NULL values in exported data, 9.6


starting Discoverer Plus OLAP, 12.5.6
OLAP Catalog, 5.1.2
about, 5.1.2
list of configuration settings in opmn.xml, A.3
opmnctl script, A.1
ORBDebug, A.3
ORBDebugLevel, A.3
ORBLogFile, A.3
settings, A.3
opmn.xml, A.3
ORA-12154 error message, E.5
Oracle Application Server Control
changing database passwords, 4.1.1, 4.1.1
creating public connections, 4.1.1
query progress delay, 4.1.1
stylesheet pooling, 4.1.1, 4.1.1
Oracle Applications, 14.1
and Oracle BI Discoverer, 14
AppsFNDNAM, 14.3
AppsGWYUID, 14.3
certification, E.3
configuration settings, 14.3
DBC files, 14.1
using Discoverer with, 14.1
Oracle BI Discoverer
about Discoverer Plus, 1.1
about Discoverer Viewer, 1.1
Oracle BI standalone CD, 1.3
Oracle e-Business Suite login, 13.4, 14.1
Oracle Enterprise Manager
enabling private connections, 3.8
Oracle Fusion Middleware
and Oracle BI Discoverer, 1.3
Infrastructure, 1.3
Oracle Fusion Middleware Control
changing database passwords, 4.1.1
query progress delay, 4.1.1
Oracle Fusion Middleware Security
and Discoverer, 13.6
Oracle Jar Cache, 2.4
Oracle Portal
security example,
Oracle Single Sign-On
details propagation, 13.9
enabling for Oracle Applications users, 14.2
Oracle Portal example,
troubleshooting, E.17
why enable or disable, 7.5
Oracle Web Cache
about, 7.1
benefits, 7.2, 7.2
creating a caching rule, 7.5.1
enabling, 7.5.2
how does it work?, 7.3
how it works, 7.3
using Viewer with, 7.4, 7.5
out of memory issues
troubleshooting, E.9


pageNavigation flag, A.2
parameter values
troubleshooting, E.16
prompting for with URL parameters, 12.5.5
performance, 10.3.12
about Discoverer and performance, 10.1
Discoverer Portlet Provider, 10.3.12
enabling Web Cache, 7.5.2
how to improve Discoverer's performance, 10.3
by basing lists of values on tables containing distinct values, 10.3.8
by changing cache settings, 10.3.9
by increasing the size of the array used to fetch rows from the database, 10.3.7
by reducing the time taken to display business areas and folders, 10.3.2
by scheduling worksheets to run overnight, 10.3.10
by setting the Case Storage item property appropriately, 10.3.6
by using Discoverer Administrator hints, 10.3.5
by using Oracle Web Cache, 10.3.11
by using summary folders, 10.3.3
reducing the size of reports, 9.6, 9.6
swap space., 10.3.13
troubleshooting, 10.3.13
pop-up stoppers
troubleshooting, E.6
port numbers for Discoverer, 4.8
ports, 4.8
Preference server
configuring, A.3
about Discoverer preferences?, 9.1
about Discoverer system preferences, 9.2
about Discoverer user preferences, 9.3
converting file format, 9.7 script, 9.7
Endian format, 9.7
list of Discoverer user preferences, 9.6
migrating, 9.8
upgrading Discoverer, 9.8
Preferences component of Discoverer Services,
pref.txt, A.1, A.1
PrintHeadersOnce preference, 9.6
reducing the size of reports, 9.6, 9.6
Private connections
Viewer pages not cached with, 7.4
private connections
for OLAP data, 5.3.8
not allowed, 12.3.1, 12.7
URL parameters for, 12.3.1, 12.7
granted to PUBLIC, D.1
granted to the Discoverer manager, D.2
required for Discoverer, 2.4
public connections
not allowed, 12.3.1, 12.7
URL parameters for, 12.3.1, 12.7


query prediction and performance, 10.3.13


redirect conflicts, E.17
reg_key.dc, A.1
reducing the size of reports, 9.6, 9.6
RMI error
troubleshooting, E.8
role-based security for Fusion Middleware Control pages, 4.2
running Discoverer Plus in IE, 2.8
running Discoverer Plus in Netscape, 2.9
running Discoverer Viewer, 2.11


troubleshooting, 10.3.13
scalable architecture of Discoverer
how to take advantage of
using the scalability features of Oracle, 10.4
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), 2.5
about, 13
database level, 13.2
disabling Discoverer Plus, 2.3, 3.8
disabling private connections, 2.3, 3.8
Discoverer Plus, 13.6.3
Discoverer Viewer, 13.6.2
encryption, 13.10.7
installing certificates, 2.5
network level, 13.6
private connections not allowed, 12.3.1, 12.7
protocols, 13.6.3,
running Discoverer, 2.3, 3.8
security settings for Discoverer Plus, 2.6
Session component,
Session component of Discoverer Services,
session ID
in logs, 11.1
session pooling, 4.1.1, 4.1.1, 4.1.1
session timeout, A.3
session timeout in Discoverer Plus, 9.6.2
session-timeout value, 9.6.2
SMTP Server for Discoverer Viewer, E.11
enabling, 13.6
troubleshooting, E.17
starting Discoverer with URL parameters, 12.1
storage requirements of Discoverer, 2.4
summaries and performance, 10.3.13
Sun Java Plug-in alerts, 2
swap space and performance, 10.3.13


defaults, A.3
settings, A.3
tiered architecture of Discoverer
Client tier (Plus and Viewer), 1.8
Database tier (Plus and Viewer), 1.10
Discoverer Services tier (Plus and Viewer), 1.9
in Discoverer Plus, 9.6.2
in Discoverer Viewer, 9.6.2
preferences, 9.6.2, 9.6.2
session timeout, 2.6, 9.6
setting timeout values, 9.6.2
Apache, A.1
Web server, A.1
tnsnames.ora, A.1, A.1, A.1, C.13.4
about, 6.7
editing, 6.7, A.1
connections not available, E.21
customizing Discoverer Viewer, E.23
database users, 10.3.13
Discoverer memory, 10.3.13
Discoverer Plus Relational help, E.10
Discoverer Viewer Send as email option, E.11
graph display in Discoverer Viewer, E.19
index value for parameters, E.16
MS Internet Explorer v6.0, E.2
Netscape V4.x, E.7
network errors, E.4
ORA-12154 error, E.5
Oracle Applications certification, E.3
out of memory error, E.9
parameter values, E.16
performance and scalability, 10.3.13
pop-up stoppers, E.6
query prediction, 10.3.13
redirect conflicts, E.17
resource limit exception in Discoverer Portlet Provider, E.25, E.26
RMI error, E.8
summaries, 10.3.13
swap space, 10.3.13
workbooks, 10.3.13
worksheet fonts in Desktop are too small in Plus, E.24
XSL files, E.23


upgradeMR script
using, B.2.7.1
Discoverer preferences, 9.8
upgrading Sun Java Plug-in, 2
URL parameters
character limits, 12.2
example of starting Plus OLAP, 12.5.6
for Discoverer Plus OLAP, 5.7
opening OLAP worksheets in Discoverer Viewer, 5.8
prompting for a password, 12.5.5
specifying workbooks and worksheets, 12.4
syntax, 12.2
URL parameters common to Plus and Viewer, 12.7
why use URL parameters?, 12.1
Users Personal Profile Space, 2.4


Virtual Private Database (VPD), 13.9
VPD, 13.9
with a multidimensional data source, 13.9
with a relational data source, 13.9


Web Cache
see Oracle Web Cache
Web Query
about, 4.11
configuring Discoverer, 4.11
file association, 4.11
format limitations, 4.11
minimum required Excel version, 4.11
Web server
timeout, A.1
web.xml, A.1
workbook ID
how to find out, 12.4.1, 12.4.1
workbooks and performance, 10.3.13
URL parameter for OLAP worksheet, 5.8
worksheet ID
how to find out, 12.4.2
worksheet layout
padding cells, 9.6