7 Additional Configuration Settings and Starting Client Tools

This chapter describes additional configuration settings for Decision Center and Real-Time Decision Server, and provides information about accessing Oracle RTD client tools.

This chapter contains the following topics:

7.1 Decision Center Browser Configuration

Decision Center Internet Explorer client browsers should be configured for optimal performance, as follows:

  1. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Internet Options to set options.

  2. On the Advanced tab, deselect Reuse windows for launching shortcuts.

  3. Ensure that cookies are enabled for the browser.

7.2 Accessing Oracle Real-Time Decisions Client Tools

Perform the steps in the following sections to start and access the Oracle RTD client-side tools, such as Decision Studio, Decision Center, and Load Generator. See Section 13.1, "Accessing the Oracle Real-Time Decisions MBeans" for information about the Oracle RTD MBeans.

To access Decision Center, Real-Time Decision Server must be running. Decision Studio and Load Generator can function partially even when Real-Time Decision Server is not running.

This section contains the following topics:

7.2.1 Accessing Decision Studio

To access Decision Studio, go to the client computer where you installed the Oracle RTD client-side tools and run RTD_HOME\eclipse\eclipse.exe.

7.2.2 Accessing Decision Center

To access Decision Center from any computer, open a Web browser and go to http://server_name:port/ui.

The Oracle RTD application port is typically 9704.

In the Sign In window, enter your User Name and Password, then click Sign In.


To start up Decision Center in a language other than the default (English), you must set up the language setting in your browser.

For example, in Internet Explorer 7, navigate the path: Tools > Internet Options > Languages, then add or select your startup language, and move it to the top of the stack. In the following example the startup language is Japanese:

Surrounding text describes dc_lang.gif.

7.2.3 Accessing Load Generator

To access Load Generator, go to the client computer where you installed the Oracle RTD client-side tools and run RTD_HOME\scripts\loadgen.cmd.