This image shows the Oracle WebLogic Server Portlet Server in the upper left corner. This is the managed server with Oracle WebCenter installed. It resides in domain A. Inside the server is the tasklist portlet, which has an arrow labeled "Remote EJB Calls access the task list" that connects to the right to the task list on the managed server with Oracle SOA Suite installed, which is inside the Oracle WebLogic Server SOA Server. It resides in domain B. There is a return arrow labeled "Task List retrieval for logged-in user" that connects back to the task list portlet. An arrow labeled "Consumes the task list portlet after registering with the portlet server" connects up to the tasklist portlet from the Portlet Consumer Application. To the right of the Portlet Consumer Application is an exploded version of this application. It shows the task flow page of Oracle BPM Worklist.