15 Format Builder Options

This chapter provides a user interface reference for the Format Builder options.

Defines the options for Format Builder. These options control the overall operation of Format Builder. Click Tools > Options from the format builder menu to invoke the following options.

Table 15-1 Format Builder Options

Field Definition

Default Message Format Version

Select the MFL version used when creating new documents.

Note: Message formats contain their own format version specified on the Message Format pane.

Table 15-2 Format Builder Options – Character Encoding Options

Field Definition

Default Message Format (MFL) Encoding

Select the character encoding default for the Message Format Layout (MFL) from the list of encoding names and descriptions. This defines the format that your MFL document and XML output will take.

Default Field Code Page

Select the default field code page from the list of non-XML formats. This selection will be the default code page for each field that is created in your MFL document. It specifies the character encoding of the non-XML data for each field.

Table 15-3 Format Builder Options – XML Formatting Options

Field Definition

Initial Indent

Enter the number of spaces to indent the first line of the XML document.

New Line Indent

Enter the number of spaces to indent a new child line of the XML document.

Table 15-4 Format Builder Options – XML Content Model Options

Field Definition

Auto-generate DTD

Generates a DTD document when you save or store the MFL document. This document will be placed in the same directory as the message format when saving to a file.