D Using WebLogic Server with JDK 7

WebLogic Server does not ship with JDK 7. This appendix describes the steps you need to perform to use WebLogic Server with JDK 7. It also describes issues that you may encounter when using WebLogic Server with JDK 7.

Prior to installing JDK 7 for use with WebLogic Server, review the following issues that you may encounter when using JDK 7:

Before installing WebLogic Server, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the appropriate JDK 7 for your platform from the following URL:


  2. Install the JDK.

  3. Set JAVA_HOME to point to the installed JDK 7.

  4. Set PATH to point to $JAVA_HOME/bin.

  5. When installing WebLogic Server: select a Custom installation. For the JDK selection, deselect the bundled JDK entries and under the Local JDK section browse and select the JAVA_HOME directory.

    1. On the Choose Install Type screen, select the Custom option.

    2. On the JDK Selection screen, deselect the bundled JDK entries, and then under the Local JDK section, browse to and select the JAVA_HOME directory.

  6. After installing WebLogic Server, copy the following files from MW_HOME/modules to JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/endorsed, where MW_HOME is the Middleware home directory:





    If you cannot modify your JAVA_HOME, Oracle recommends that you create a new directory, copy only these JAR files to the directory, and set the following system property to point to this directory to load these libraries: