This figure shows the Query Wizard Join editor dialog. It contains three areas: Source 1, Source 2, and Join Type. The Source 1 and Source 2 area contains a Select an source pull-down menu and a Properties list. The properties list is empty. The Join Type area contains a radio button group with buttons: Left outer join and Right outer join. The Left outer join button is selected. There is a plus sign button next to the Join Type radio buttons. There is a Join Predicate text entry field with an Expression Builder button. The Join Predicate text entry field contains a.message = b.message. There is a Generated Join Statement text entry field. that contains SELECT * FROM helloworldInputChannel[now] as a LEFT OUTER JOIN helloworldInputChannel [now] as b ON a.message = b.message. There are buttons Help, Change Join, Undo Join, Validate, Save, and Cancel. The dialog is greyed out except for the Help and Cancel buttons.