Oracle\xAE Fusion Middleware Helpset for Oracle Enterprise Repository
11g Release 1 (
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Report Types

Project Portfolio Productivity Reports

Project Portfolio Productivity reports show the overall productivity of project teams, including their level of compliance with prescribed asset usage requirements, and the value they have realized by leveraging the existing asset portfolio. The reports also spotlight each project team's contribution to the asset portfolio. Project portfolio productivity reports include:

Asset Portfolio Management Reports

Used primarily by architects and registrars, these reports show the quality, status, and value of the asset portfolio. These reports also monitor asset supply and demand, as well as assisting with asset portfolio taxonomy refinements. The reports included with this group of include:

Asset Release Management Reports

Used primarily by asset producers and maintainers, these reports inform these users about asset refinements and enhancements, determine the effect of an asset change to the consumer community and consuming projects. In addition, these reports identify stakeholders who need to be notified about changes. Asset release management reports include:

Performance Reports

These reports allow individual users to quantify the value of their contributions to the organization. They also inform department heads about the performance of the producers, consumers, and project leads in their organizations. The performance reports presently included in Oracle Enterprise Repository include:

Program Management Reports

Used primarily by various managers, these reports expose the value that the program brings to the organization (ROI) and indicates whether the program successfully meets goals, demonstrates program growth and progress and serves as the basis for incentives and governance. The program management reports include:

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