4 Migrating New Enterprise Business Objects

This chapter discusses how to migrate new Enterprise Business Objects (EBOs) you created and added to the EBO Library.

To migrate new EBOs:

  1. Copy the new EBO(s) to the respective library folder in <AIA_HOME directory>/AIAMetaData/AIAComponents/EnterpriseObjectLibrary.

  2. Update the EBO Library in the Oracle Metadata Services (MDS) repository.

    1. Browse to the folder at $AIA_HOME/aia_instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/bin and open the deployment plan file, UpdateMetaDataDP.xml.

    2. Source the file aiaenv.sh:

      source aiaenv.sh
    3. Update the file UpdateMetaDataDP.xml, by inserting include tag(s), for each resource group that you want to add to the MDS.

      <include name ="AIAComponents/EnterpriseObjectLibrary/<respective 
    4. Browse to AIA_HOME/Infrastructure/Install/scripts. Execute the script UpdateMetaData.xml:

      ant -f $AIA_HOME/Infrastructure/Install/AID/AIAInstallDriver.xml 
      -DDeploymentPlan=<path of UpdateMetaDataDP> -DPropertiesFile=