6 Migrating Domain Value Map and Cross-Reference Metadata

This chapter discusses how to migrate the metadata associated with Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) Domain Value Maps (DVMs) and Cross-References.

When you install AIA Foundation Pack 11g Release 1, cross-reference and DVM metadata setup is part of the installation. If you have extended or customized cross-references and DVMs, follow the procedures covered in this chapter to migrate these artifacts.

Migrating DVMs and cross-references is a two-step process. Migration involves migrating both metadata and actual data. The DVMs have metadata, as well as static data. For cross-references, the data is dynamic and is stored in a database.

This chapter discusses migrating DVM and cross-reference metadata.

For information about how to migrate actual DVM and cross-reference data, see Chapter 14, "Migrating Actual Domain Value Map and Cross-Reference Data."

6.1 Migrating DVM and Cross-Reference Metadata

DVM and cross-reference metadata are the definitions of the DVM and cross-reference objects. The definitions have changed in 11g.

To migrate DVM and cross-reference metadata:

Run the AIA Migration Utility.

Input and output directories can be in any location, however it is preferable to create the directories in the root directory of the AIA Migration Utility.

  • For DVMs:

    ant -f AIAMigrationUtility.xml upgradeDVM -DinputDir=<path> 
  • For cross-references:

    ant -f AIAMigrationUtility.xml upgradeXRef -DinputDir=<path>

For more information, see Chapter 18, "Loading AIA Metadata to Oracle Metadata Services Repository."