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Part I Portlet Overview

1 Understanding Portlets

2 Portlet Technologies Matrix

Part II Creating Portlets

3 Creating Portlets with OmniPortlet

4 Building Example Portlets with OmniPortlet

5 Creating Content-Based Portlets with Web Clipping

6 Creating Java Portlets

7 Enhancing Java Portlets

8 Creating PL/SQL Portlets

Part III Content Management APIs

9 Content Management API Introduction

10 Getting Started with Content Management APIs

11 Performing Simple Content Management Tasks

12 Extending Your Portal

13 Searching Portal Content

14 Creating Multi-Lingual Content

15 Implementing Content Security

16 Using the Content Management Event Framework

Part IV Appendixes

A Creating Portlets with the Portlet Builder

B Troubleshooting Portlets and Providers

C Mapping Profile Items to Attributes

D Manually Packaging and Deploying PDK-Java Providers

E Oracle Portal Provider Test Suite

F Content Management APIs and Views

G Content Management Event Framework Events