What's New in Oracle Security Developer Tools?

This preface introduces the new and changed features of Oracle Security Developer Tools 11g Release 1 (11.1.1). This information is primarily useful for users who have developed applications with the tools in previous releases of Oracle Application Server, including Oracle WebLogic Server 10g Release 2 ( and Oracle Application Server 10g (

Topics in this section include:

New Features in 11g Release 1 (

11g Release 1 (11.1.1) Patch Set 5 provides these features:

This document contains the following updates:

New Features for Release 11g (11.1.1)

The new features of Oracle Security Developer Tools include the following:

Oracle SAML Changes

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g contains updates to most classes in the SAML2 library. The fixes fall into a few broad categories:

Schema Errors

These include issues such as incorrectly spelled XML element or attribute names, incorrect namespace URIs, or incorrect ordering of child elements.

Extraneous Namespace Declarations

Many classes were outputting both a default declaration and a prefix-bound declaration for the same namespace. This causes issues for some XML parsers and SOAP implementations, which can cause XML signature verification errors in some 3rd-party SAML software.

The fixes remove the extra default namespace declarations, leaving only the prefix-bound declarations.

Missing Namespace Declarations

Some of the SAML classes needed to have a namespace prefix declared.

Extraneous xsi:type Declarations

Many classes had both a concrete XML element type name and an xsi:type declaration. This is redundant and confusing; only extension XML types should declare the xsi:type of the element.

Incomplete Support for Boolean Types

Some classes that implement XML elements with attribute of type xsd:boolean recognized only the values "true" and "false", while the values "1" and "0" should also be allowed.