This illustration compares the topology of Oracle WebCenter on Oracle Application Server 10g and Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g.

The box on the left represents an Oracle Application Server 10g instance. It contains an Oracle HTTP Server instance and an OC4J instance. The OC4J instance contains the Oracle WebCenter components, some Oracle WebCenter applications, and Application Server Control. The application server instance is connected to a database that contains the Oracle WebCenter schemas.

The box on the right represents an Oracle WebLogic Server domain, which contains an administration server and a single managed server. The administration server contains the Administration Console; the managed server hosts some Oracle WebCenter applications and the Oracle WebCenter Java components. A callout explains that the Oracle WebCenter components were installed using the Oracle WebCenter domain template and the Oracle WebLogic Server Configuration Wizard. Like the Oracle Application Server 10g instance, the Oracle WebLogic Server instance is connected to a database that contains the SOA schemas.