Shows the Edit Decision Function dialog. This dialog contains fields Name with value DecisionFunction_1 and Description with value blank and Rule Firing Limit with value unlimited. It also contains the following checkboxes: Will Be Invoked As A Webservice, Check Rule Flow, and Stateless. There are four tabs in the dialog: Inputs, Initial Actions, Outputs, and Rulesets & Decision Functions. The Inputs tab contains a table with columns: Name, Fact Type, Tree, List, and Description. The table contains one entry: CustomerOrder, CustomerOrder. This Input area includes the icons: Add Input, Delete Input, Move up and Move down. The Outputs tab contains a table with columns: Name, Fact Type, Tree, and List. The table contains one entry. The values in this entry are: OrderApproval, OrderApproval. The Output table includes the following icons: Add Output and Delete. The Rulesets & Decision Functions are contains two panes: Available and Selected. The Available contains a list of all available rulesets. The Selected pane contains the value Ruleset_1. Between the two panes are the buttons: Move and Move All from Available to Selected and Move and Move All from Selected to Available. The Selected pane includes the following icons: Move Up and Move Down.