This graphic is a rectangle divided into three sections. The first section is labeled Process Modeling (Process Analyst, Process Developer), the second is labeled Deployment (Process Analyst, Process Developer), and the third is labeled Editing Oracle Business Rules (Process Analyst/ Process Owner)

The Process Modeling (Process Analyst, Process Developer) section contains two rectangles each with the number 1. They are labeled Oracle BPM Studio andOracle Business Process Composer.

From each rectangle, an arrow numbered two extends to the border between the Process Modeling and Deployment section to an oval labeled MDS.

From this MDS oval, an arrows extends to a rectangle labeled Oracle BPM Run Time in the Deployment section.

From the rectangle labeled Oracle BPM Run Time, an arrow extends to another oval labeled MDS that lies on the boundary between Deployment and Editing Oracle Business Rules.

From this oval labeled MDS, and arrow extends to a rectangle within the Editing Oracle Business Rules labeled Business Process Composer.